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Established in 1872 in Omaha, Nebraska, The Danish Pioneer is one of the only surviving Danish newspapers from the turn of the century in the United States. During the era of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, when Danish immigrants streamed into the United States, The Danish Pioneer set the standard for reporting when there were over 200 Scandinavian newspapers in existence. The Danish Pioneer is today published in Illinois and is the oldest Danish community newspaper in North America.

The paper has a nationwide circulation, English and Danish articles and is one of the only reliable, inexpensive and dependable sources for Danish-American and Scandinavian advertising and news with correspondents around the United States, Canada, Denmark and Scandinavia.

Would you like to support The Danish Pioneer and its important mission of serving the community? Please consider becoming a Danish Pioneer Partner. Your help is very much needed and appreciated. Please contact: Linda Steffensen, Editor, The Danish Pioneer, Bertelsen Publishing Company, Phone: (847) 882-2552, Fax: (847) 882-7082 or E-mail: dpioneer@aol.com