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Welcome to The Danish Pioneer's New Blog

Dear Readers,

By Nicolai Schousboe

Leaders have been addressing their nations (and, in turn,  the world around them) since nations were initially formed millennia ago. Certainly some addresses have been more memorable than others. Denmark has established a tradition whereby the head of state (the reigning monarch) addresses the nation at precisely 18.00 on New Years Eve day … and an estimated 75% of the nation listens in! At the following website you can the original text of both this year and past year’s addresses.

and an edited and translated version in English, as well as a brief history of the tradition, at the following website:

Commentators have noted that Her Majesty’s addresses are quite personal and that she quite freely admonishes her subjects when she feels it is appropriate, as if reminding her subjects of something they should not have forgotten in the past year.

The head of government, The Prime Minister, in turn, speaks to the nation on New Years day. While response varied this year across the spectrum of political opinion, we can recommend the message for its clarity and vision.  The Prime Minister opens with a  clear presentation of the challenges of our times without assessing blame and  moves on to paint a big picture that outlines the steps required to move forward. You can find it ( and a number of her other speeches ) at :

After you have read the addresses, we would be very interested in your opinion.
Feel free to post your comments here.